Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque

Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque

When choosing a cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque, be sure to select a practice that offers cutting-edge dentistry using in-house resources to eliminate the need for an expensive referral. Dr. Timothy Kelly and staff are pleased to provide a full range of cosmetic and restorative dental care services that include Botox Cosmetic, porcelain veneers, direct bonding, teeth whitening, all-porcelain crowns, orthodontics, and complete smile makeovers.

Botox For Enhanced Appearance

It often surprises our patients to learn that we offer Botox as one of our most popular cosmetic treatment options. Botox treatment is also referred to as a lunch-box facelift since it requires only a small amount of time to administer and provides immediate results. If you’re looking for a more youthful appearance without invasive surgery, you can experience a dramatic reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with a simple Botox injection- and it costs a lot less than you might think.

No-Metal Crowns and Same Day Crowns

We're pleased to offer all-porcelain crowns as one of the most visually-appealing methods of restoring a compromised tooth. If you’ve been given a referral from your dentist and are interested in seeing our cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque, please call us to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss options in restoring your tooth. All-porcelain crowns not only offer a superior appearance, but they also provide long-lasting value to our patients. If you’d like to learn more about all-porcelain or same-day crowns, we’d love to sit down with you and discuss your goals.

5-Star Rated Cosmetic Dentist in Albuquerque

Read our customer reviews on our practice's website or by visiting your preferred review directory to check on how well we are meeting the needs of the Albuquerque community. Our commitment to offering more value at a lower cost is evidence of our desire to provide a high quality of dental care to all of our patients. If you’re uninsured, you can take advantage of our in-house dental savings plan for the best pricing on our cosmetic services and procedures.

Straight Teeth Provide Numerous Benefits

If you’re thinking about seeing an orthodontist, you could end up paying a lot less by scheduling your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Timothy Kelly. Along with a range of preventive and restorative care, we are also pleased to offer high-quality orthodontic treatment with the same compassionate care you’ll receive when you choose us as your family’s general dentist. We believe conventional braces are still the most effective way to straighten teeth and close gaps- we unapologetically offer traditional metal bracket and band braces as the best possible value to our patients.

Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Book your next cosmetic dental visit with Dr. Timothy Kelly and our staff for your healthiest, whitest smile yet. Our convenient location on Carlisle Blvd NE is close to popular entertainment and shopping. We’d love the chance to get to know you better and help you select the right dental procedures for an amazing smile.

Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque
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