Invisalign Batavia NY

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Invisalign Batavia NY

Do you have crowded teeth? Or maybe they stick out a little more than you’d like? What about gaps you’d like to close? No matter which of these is your concern, we can help with Invisalign® in Batavia, NY.

A Clear Alternative To Braces

Rather than using traditional metal braces, the Invisalign system straightens teeth using a series of clear, biocompatible aligners. They are virtually undetectable.

Other benefits include …

  • They are removable, making it convenient for brushing and flossing and playing sports.
  • Treatment time can be shorter. Some patients who have opted for Invisalign in Batavia NY achieve full results in just one year.
  • Patients are amazed by how comfortable and well their aligners fit on their teeth.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

There’s a very good chance you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign. With advancements in technology and our approach to care, we can use these clear aligners to correct …

  • overbite
  • underbite
  • crossbite
  • gap teeth
  • open bite
  • crooked teeth.

As with most dental procedures, the Invisalign process begins with a consultation. We assess the existing condition of your teeth, listen carefully to your smile goals, and determine how Invisalign can help. Next, we will take an impression of your mouth. This replica will be used to create a 3D digital image that we use with computer technology to develop a unique treatment plan. This software allows you to see what your smile will look like during each stage, including your final smile. Once the treatment is agreed upon, your custom-designed Invisalign trays will be prepared.

At the end of your treatment, you’ll have that beautiful, straight smile that you have been hoping for – without the stigma of traditional metal braces.

Ready to find out more? We’d love to hear from you. Call today to book a no-obligation consultation to find out if Invisalign in Batavia NY can help you have the smile of your dreams.

Invisalign Batavia NY
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