Do you know what the number one reason patients give for missing their dental visits is? It’s not dental phobia or lack of time, though those are close behind. No. The main reason patients avoid visiting the dentist is cost. Patients are concerned about what they see as unexpected fees and the fact that they don’t feel their dental insurance covers enough of their treatment costs. If you invest in dental insurance premiums each month to offset the costs of your family’s dental care, Timothy M. Kelly, DMD and his dedicated Albuquerque dentistry team want to help you maximize your benefits.
We take the time to carefully explain all of your treatments costs, how insurance coverage comes into play, and what financing options are available. To ensure patients always receive the maximum insurance benefit, we are also in-network providers for several insurers, including MetLife. If you’re a MetLife patient, please don’t hesitate to contact our office to learn more about your in-network dental insurance coverage in our office. We’ll be happy to review your policy.



Every patient’s dental insurance policy represents an individual contract between a patient, an insurer, and/or their employer. In order to provide accurate estimates for out of pocket treatment costs and insurance coverage, we’ll need to carefully review your dental benefit plan. Our team works with these complex insurance contracts on a daily basis, so we’re well equipped to help you make the most of your insurance coverage, but some basics that can help you to better understand your plan include:
  • Premium – the monthly fee you and/or your employer invest in return for dental insurance coverage.
  • Coverage percent – individuals can elect to receive coverage for a variety of preventive and restorative dentistry services and orthodontics.In most cases, MetLife patients receive 80 to 100% coverage for preventive care, 50 to 80% coverage for restorative services, and 25 to 75% coverage for orthodontics (when elected).
  • In-network providers – these are dentists who have standing agreements with the insurer to charge the benefit provider’s “fair and average” pricing for dentistry services. This ensures patients will only ever need to pay the out of pocket costs of their dental services.
  • Maximums – this the highest total amount that MetLife will pay in any one plan year. Typically, this amount is as low as $1000, so we work with patients to ensure we can make the most of your annual maximums. In some cases, this means we spread parts of treatments out across two plan years.



As an in-network dentist for MetLife plans, you know you’ll only ever need to pay the out of pocket costs for your treatment. The beauty of MetLife insurance plans is that most of these policies allow patients to choose the right dental office for them and still receive dental insurance coverage. Out of network dentists may charge fees higher than those deemed fair by MetLife, and you will need to pay the difference in pricing. However, this difference in price is typically minimal.



By visiting our team every six months for preventive dental care, you can be sure we’ll maximize your insurance coverage and help you avoid advanced dental damage or decay that needs to be repaired with dentistry services that receive lower dental insurance coverage. Regular preventive dental checkups, teeth cleanings, x-rays, sealants, fluoride therapies, and other services typically receive between 80 and 100% coverage. When you visit us for your preventive dentistry appointments, you’ll have the lowest out of pocket costs for dental care, and you’ll significantly reduce your risk for more severe oral health concerns.