Dental anxiety, or fear of going to the dentist, often leads to missed dental appointments and delayed treatments. Fortunately, we offer several sedation options so that you can receive the treatment you need in total comfort and relaxation. As an experienced sedation dentist, Dr. Timothy Kelly understands that many patients experience some level of dental anxiety and that it can have a serious impact on a patient's quality life. Because of this, he offers nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation services, as both options are safe, gentle, and highly effective.



If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are likely a candidate for sedation. Dental anxiety is a common problem and can occur for many different reasons. You may have heard unpleasant stories from other people, or your anxiety could stem from claustrophobia, embarrassment, or a strong gag reflex. Whatever the cause of your worries, anxiety can make it very difficult to go to the dentist. Dr. Kelly offers sedation dentistry so that all of his patients can receive the dental treatments they need to achieve optimal oral health without needless stress.

If you have dental anxiety, your heart may race, or you may feel nauseous. You may find it difficult to sleep the night before a dental visit. Your dental anxiety may have led you to postpone a dental procedure completely, perhaps for many years. Sedation dentistry can alleviate these symptoms and help you get your oral health under control.

You may also be a good candidate for sedation dentistry if you need to undergo a lengthy procedure. With sedation dentistry in Albuquerque, you can be fully relaxed during some of the more extensive surgeries, such as dental implant placement.



Nitrous oxide is a well-known and conservative sedation technique that is delivered using a small nasal mask. Your body will respond quickly and you will enter a state of deep relaxation or even mild euphoria. You may be a bit giggly and talkative, and you could experience a tingling sensation in your limbs.

Once your treatment is complete, the medication will wear off quickly, and you will be able to drive home and go about the rest of your daily activities.



Oral conscious sedation may be a good option if you have more severe anxiety. With this form of sedation dentistry, Dr. Kelly will prescribe anti-anxiety medication. You will take one dose at home and another when you arrive for your appointment. In some cases, he may prescribe a smaller or larger dose based on your needs. Under anti-anxiety medication, you will be able to answer questions throughout your procedure while being deeply relaxed. If you choose oral conscious sedation, you will need to coordinate a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment.


With sedation dentistry, you can finally get the healthy, clean, and beautiful smile you deserve without having to deal with needless fear and stress. To learn more about sedation dentistry and which option may be right for you, contact our practice today.