Teeth Whitening Albuquerque

Teeth Whitening Albuquerque

When thinking about teeth whitening in Albuquerque, why not consider the professional results you’ll experience from Dr. Timothy Kelly and his staff? Pro-strength whitening is proven to be the best option for patients looking for safe and consistent results. Schedule a new patient visit to determine whether you’re a good candidate for whitening or check out our website’s Smiles Gallery for before-and-after photos.

Is Whitening the Right Decision?

Teeth whitening is not right for everyone; however, if you’re a candidate, you’ll walk out of our office after a short, painless whitening treatment with beautiful results you’ll want to show off immediately. If your teeth have taken on a dull or stained appearance from foods, drinks, or smoking, you’ll see a big difference after a single treatment. Put your best smile forward with a new shade of white that not only improves your appearance but also creates soaring self-confidence.

Watch Our Teeth Whitening Video to Learn More

Click the ‘Services’ link and select ‘Teeth Whitening’ from the Cosmetic Dentistry list of procedures to find our brief and informative video that will help you understand the advantages of whitening and the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. For some patients, whitening is not the best option, and in these cases, our staff will recommend veneers or another cosmetic procedure that can cover tooth imperfections instead of lightening the color of teeth.

Avoid Inferior Whitening Products

When we tell our patients that professional whitening is the only method we recommend for safe, reliable results, we’re not trying to sell our services; rather, we’re trying to help patients avoid the disappointment and sometimes harmful effects that can result from using a store-bought whitener. Getting exceptional results starts with choosing the right type of whitening product- one that will deliver to your standards will always come from a dentist. By trying to save a few dollars at the pharmacy, you’ll end up wasting money on a gel that will not whiten your teeth in the way you had hoped it would.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Albuquerque

Our whitening sessions cost a bit more than store-bought treatments, but you’ll benefit in the long run because pro-whitening is the most affordable cosmetic treatment available from your dentist. You’ll see results immediately following treatment- and you’ll start to hear compliments the first time you go out in public. Don’t be surprised if your boss looks at you with renewed interest when it comes time to promote an employee- whitening just happens to make those around you lean in a little closer to see what’s different about you.

Choose the Best Option

You have several options when thinking about teeth whitening in Albuquerque. We like to tell our patients to consider all possibilities but only choose the one that’s best for their health and overall results. That choice is clear- professional teeth whitening administered by Dr. Timothy Kelly and his staff. Save on treatment by signing up for our in-house dental savings plan.

Teeth Whitening Albuquerque
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