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Walk-in dental clinic near me

Here at ASAP Dental Care, we employ experienced individuals. Individuals who specialize in oral health. They promote oral health and dental disease prevention as well as creating treatment plans to maintain or restore the oral health of our patients.
We have come to the realization that accidents happen and at times people will need a dentist at which they can just waltz in through the door and be assisted. More often than not we practice accommodating emergency walk-in patients or offer same day appointments. However, we prefer scheduled appointments.

Why would you need a walk-in dental clinic?
As you read above. Accidents happen. Let’s say someone had their tooth knocked out of their mouth. They would need to say a dentist as soon as possible. There could be scared tissue.

Now. A dentist will be able to replace the person's tooth by putting it back in the gum socket. This is only plausible within one or two hours after the tooth has been knocked out, but before the dentist continues in doing so he or she will have to inspect the patient’s mouth for any infections or scared tissue.

Which dentist to go to?
It is not necessarily important to which dentist you choose to go. What is important though is that you opt for a dentist that will see to your needs as an individual patient and not just another client. And we do that. Here at ASAP Dental Care.

Our walk-ins
We offer our walk-in patients just as many dental options as we would patients who are scheduled for appointments.
Services such as one-day dentures. Which simply put. Is providing our clients with dentures on the day of their arrival. Dentures are artificial teeth made for those people who want to replace their natural teeth. Our patients will come in the morning and then leave in the afternoon with brand new teeth.

Denture repair. This involves helping our patients look after their dentures. This can be done by revitalizing the dentures or by realigning them. Those are two ways in which we can help repair dentures of which there are many.

Tooth Extractions. We also extract teeth for our walk-in patients. And with the tooth extractions, we could also replace the vacant position in your mouth with dental implants.

Here is a list of our services
Denture repair
Tooth extraction
Root canal therapy
Toothache relief

There are but you’ll have to come to our office to see. Or give us a call.

ASAP Dental Care
Having eight locations to your disposal. It shouldn’t be difficult in choosing where you would want your dental needs sought after.

Here at ASAP we will gladly serve you whether you are a regular patient or not. We understand that if you could make an appointment then you would. So you visiting us without doing. Well. Then it has to be an emergency. So we help out.
Complete, comfortable, competent dental care. Now! That is our motto and the words we stand by.

Walk In Dental Clinic Near Me Jacksonville Fl